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With VPMe anyone, anywhere can securely:

Work from home to all works files, applications, servers and printers.
Connect directly to their office PC using Remote Desktop - Helpful walk through scripts available on our website
Take their desktop phone home (if using IP phones) and plug in and instantly work with no reconfiguration required.

The VPMe ensures an instant, affordable and secure solution to the ever increasing likelihood that businesses will require increased home working capabilities. By purchasing one VPMe at £125.00 for the Office and a Sandhog device at £65.00 for each home worker any organisation can ensure the continuation of business function from the home without sacrificing security.

This solution removes set up time and associated costs allowing your employee to simply take their laptop (or use any device at home) and phone home and continue to work securely. VPMe ensures no lengthy set ups whilst maintaining internal and external communications.

Flonix Ltd Managing Director Daniel Lamb said "I recognise the problems that are facing many businesses at this stage and think the VPMe is the best solution to provide a resolve to the various issues facing all businesses in relation to home working at this time."

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